✅Zeato All-in-One Skate Tools Multi-Function Portable Skateboard T Tool Accessory with T-Type Allen Key and L-Type Phillips Head Wrench Screwdriver - Black Hawaii

By Thecrazyironmonger

August 20, 2020

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Multifunctional Tool A multi functional skateboard T tool that allows you to adjust axle nuts mounting hardware and the kingpin nut on the top of the truck which is perfect for completing skateboard assembly 0 1AllinOne Design The all in one skate tool has everything you need to tighten up or repair your skateboard This skate tool works with all types of the skateboardspenny board and long boards it can help change wheels clean your bearing 1 2Innovative Structure The skateboard T tool includes 3 different sizes of sockets38 12 916 and a slideout Phillips head wrench screwdriver that fits into the top of the handle when not in use 2 3Lightweight and Portable It fits into most pockets easily so you can carry and use it everywhere when you need The skateboard T tool only weights 026lbs lightweight for easy on the go access 3 4Package Content 1 T Allen Key1 L Phillips Head Wrench Screwdriver The skateboard tool comes with a pouch to store it when not in use 4in California Alabama New Hampshire Louisiana Minnesota


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