✅REXBETI 20 Piece Hex Head Allen Wrench Screwdriver Bit Set, SAE Metric 1/4 Inch Hex Shank S2 Steel Magnetic 2.3 Inch Long Drill Bits with Storage Box Louisiana

By Thecrazyironmonger

August 20, 2020

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SAE Sizes 516 14 732 316 532 964 18 764 332 and 564 inch Metric size 8mm 7mm 6mm 5mm 4mm 35mm 3mm 25mm 2mm and 15mm 0 1Drill bits made from high quality S2 steel material for ultimate durability suitable for industrial use 1 2Strong magnetic and high precision Each edge can be accurately locked screws no damage to the screw and the screwdriver head 2 3Not only can you use the bits on hand tools you can easily insert them to any 14 inch hex shank power drill to use solid storage case to keep all bit set in good condition 3in Kansas New Jersey Nevada New Mexico Indiana

Fort Greene

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